What are Roman Shades

Decorating Your Home - Using Roman Shades
Like any other window covering, they softly filter light and visibility from the exterior of the house, giving you the light and privacy you desire.Roman Shades In addition, they also work well at insulating the house. They’re a great cost-effective way to add a creative touch the window area. They are adjusted using a cord system. Typically all roman shades consist of a mount, fabric, and panels that stack up evenly when opened. While they are similar to drapes in that they use fabric to filter the light, they have an advantage over drapes in that they have a superior head rail and cord system making them much easier to install and use.

There are several types of roman shades. These include flat, hobbled, pleated balloon, tacked, and unstructured, each with their own sense of style. They can come in a wide variety of colors, but typically can be found in blacks, greens, reds, and blues. Not only are there many colors to choose from, but they also come in countless patterns. If you can’t find a style you like, they can even be custom made, whether it’s through a retailer or a self-made design. Making them yourself is very easy to do as well. Installing roman shades is very similar to that of other blind systems in that you’ve got to determine the style of mounting, be it outside, inside, or a ceiling styled mount. With the mount style chosen, the mounts themselves need to be drilled and mounted to the wall and the head rail hung. With the fabric on the head rail, you should be set, just pull the cord to raise and lower the shades to your desire.

When hearing the name roman shades, many might not be familiar with the term, however upon seeing them, it’s easy to realize they’re actually quite popular in many homes today. This is not surprising considering how they excel at filtering light and visibility, they work great at insulating the house, they’re very cheap, and they’re easy to setup as well as use. If you’re looking at window coverings, and want something with a little more style than the typical blinds you see at every hardware store, considering picking up a set of roman shades, or if you’re feeling even more creative, consider making your own set, custom tailored to fit your home and your style.